Transform your ideas into exceptional user experiences:

Work with a leading Mobile App Development Company

If you have an idea, we have an app development team that can transform your idea into a secure & feature-packed mobile application. From the initial planning until the final deployment in the app store, we ensure that you get the perfect solution for your ideas.

Custom-Built Apps for your Unique Business Needs

Looking for professional mobile app development services? We provide custom Android & iOS app development services applying innovative technologies to propel businesses to the next level Our well-defined and Manageable processes are balanced be-tween cost, time and quality along with clear communication. We also help you it need expert advise for you mobile app project

Custom Mobile App Development

Craft your dream app, not a one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor each pixel to your vision, from ideation to launch, delivering transformative experiences that exceed expectations and captivate users.

App Technology Consulting

The mobile landscape is ever-evolving, and choosing the right tech stack can be a daunting task. Let our expert consultants be your compass, guiding you through the latest trends and best practices to find the perfect technological foundation for your unique app needs.

Hybrid App Development

Reach the masses without breaking the bank. We leverage cutting-edge hybrid frameworks to craft cross-platform solutions that deliver native-like experiences on multiple devices, bridging the gap between speed and flexibility, and giving your app the power to connect with a wider audience.

Native App Development

Immerse your users in pixel-perfect experiences. Our native Android and iPhone app development team crafts apps that feel buttery smooth, leverage the full potential of each platform, and deliver blazing-fast performance, empowering your brand to stand out in the crowded app store.

App Integration

Break down silos, unlock data potential, and streamline workflows. We seamlessly integrate your app with existing systems, databases, and platforms, creating a unified experience that empowers your business and delights your users.

Wearable App Development

Extend your reach beyond the pocket. We design and develop intuitive and engaging apps for smartwatches and fitness bands, seamlessly integrating with your overall ecosystem and enabling users to connect with their health and wellness on the go.

Upgradation & Migration

Future-proof your app in a constantly evolving world. Our experts navigate the complexities of upgrades and migrations, ensuring your app stays modern, secure, and compatible with the latest technologies, guaranteeing longevity and smooth operation.

App Development Team

Consider us your extended family. Our skilled team of designers, developers, and specialists, passionate about transforming your ideas into reality, collaborates closely with you at every stage, ensuring your app reflects your vision and exceeds expectations.

QA & Testing Services

Deliver perfection with every tap. Our rigorous QA and testing services uncover even the tiniest bugs before launch, ensuring your app delivers a consistently delightful and bug-free user experience that builds trust and keeps users coming back for more.

Ready to Get Started?

Looking for professional mobile app development services? We provide custom Android & iOS app development services applying innovative technologies to propel businesses to the next level Our well-defined and Manageable processes are balanced be-tween cost, time and quality along with clear communication. We also help you it need expert advise for you mobile app project

Mobile Application Development Technologies

Our offshore mobile application development company in India provides end-to-end development

solu-tions for different platforms. We offer both native and hybrid app solutions to our clients.

APP Development

Our mobile application development company in India has created 1000+ feature_ EXPLORE >>

App Development

Our mobile app development company in India provides cross platform solu-tions EXPLORE >>

App Development

Our offshore moMpplication develop-ment company in Indio has created I500+.. EXPLORE >>

App Development

Our Html5 cross-platform mobile application development team builds secure.. EXPLORE >>


Our application development company EXPLORE >>


Being the best application develop-ment company in India, we hove an experienced Flutter_ EXPLORE >>

Internet of Things

Our mobile application development company In India Integrates advanced technologies in your mobile app to keep your mobile app ahead In the competi-tion. Here are some of the technologies that we Integrate In mobile apps:

Augmented Reality

Our mobile app development firm builds interactive & engaging AR- en-abled mobile apps overlaying digital information and extending real-world scenes. We employ the latest technolo-gies in video streaming, audio, GPS data, etc.

Wearable Tech

Our mobile app development firm deliv-ers advanced solutions for wearable devices that are equipped with smart embedded sensors and displays. We also back them with remote, cloud-based data collection, monitor-ing, etc.

Gee Tracking

Our mobile app development company Implements GPS technology to enrich mobile apps with reaFtime tracking features, gm-targeting, goo-fencing, geotagging, geo-conquesting, and lo-cation-aware in-app messaging

Location Sensing

Being one of the best mobile app devel-opment companies in India, we can im-plement location-awareness capabili-ties with technologies such as BLE Bea-cons, Near Field Communication, and WI-Fl standards for better In-store expe-rience and secure contactless pay-ments.

Biometric Sensors

Our mobile app development company in India Implements blometric recogni-tion technologies integrating fingerprint scanning, voice & face recognition, and other biometrics. With this feature, you can get high security user authentica-tion.

Swift &
Easy Integration

Our mobile application development company In India integrates advanced technologies in your mobile app to keep your mobile app ahead in the competition. Here are some of the technologies that we integrate in mobile app.

Why Choose WebGuruz

We are India’s most trusted mobile application development company with a track record of 970+ client retention rate. Since our es-tablishment we have created thousands of successful mobile applications for our clients spread across the globe. We are acknowl-edged in the market for our on time delivery, transparency and ethical practices. We are counted among top mobile applications de-velopment companies due to the following unique selling propositions:


Happy Customers

We have 6800+ happy customers based in 38+ countries. Our customers appreciate and ac-knowledge us for our agile process and timely delivery of the project. We believe in making Our mobile app development process completely transparent.


Successful Projects

Since our establishment in the year 2004, our app development company in India has completed 13800+ projects with the help of our 500+ full-lime employees. Our clients appreciate our easy communication channels that help them track projects easily.



We make sure our developed mobile apps ran smoothly on all smartphone devices and remain compatible with all versions of smartphones. Our expert OA team tests all applications on cross-device functionality.


High Performance
& Speed

Our developed application delivers amazingly fast user experiences and loads within 3 seconds MSS boost your conversions and help to improve GOogle ranking.


Advanced Security
& Scalability

Our mobile Opplication development company in Indio ensures maximum scolobility & protection of mobile apps by employing advanced security measures, such as advanced data encryption and secure admin dashboard.


Source Code

we provide complete source code security with NDA and rigorous application tasting to deploy bug-free applications. we have a team of expert QA specialists who manually test each applica-tion on different parameters.



Our Indian application develOpMent company provides end-to-end or full-cycle mobile app development solutions from initial prototyping DIMX designing development to the final deploy-ment.


Software Protection

If you find any bug or any issue after delivering mobile application, our mobile app development team with 5+ years of average experience will help you in fixing that as early as possible.


Time Right

As a reputed mobile application development company In India, we follow a First lime Right (FED approach to ensure building high quality mobile application within the deadline.

Work with a Dedicated Mobile App Development Agency

We, being a top mobile app development company in India, offer professional services to agencies, 1505, enterprises, start-ups, and SMEs. You can also hire dedicated app development team from us with a piety of benefits like:

5+ years of
average experience.

No setup fees: pay
only for the work done.

As always, your results
get delivered ahead of schedule

Project is supported by
the technical lead

Strict non-disclosure
agreement for a project

Project is supported by
a 100% money-back guarantee

Expert team
specific to a project .

Flexible engagement on
a full-time or hourly basis.

Detailed work timesheet is
shared via a project management tool.

Covering All Major Industries

Our mobile app development company in India holds years of working experience in creating industry-specific mobile applications.

Let’s take a glance at the industries they have expertise in:


Our mobile app development firm has experi-ence in developing Or-health applications that will provide you with hearchcare access and lea diagnostic errors.

Retail & eCommerce

Get mcommerce applications developed by our mobile am development teams that have intuitive Ul and user-friendly UX. We also create retail eCommerce solutions for our clients.

Travel and Tourism

Hire developers from PixelCrayons who have sub-stantial expertise in prodding trowel and Tourism based web and mobile applications that will give you all the specific needs.

Banking and Finance Solutions

At Pixeicrayons, our expert app development team of expert developers have experience in creating Digital Banking and Finance Solutions that acknowledges security and confidentiality.

Logistics and Transportation

We hire the best and experienced app develop-ment team who build Logistics and Transporta-tion solutions that can help you manage your fleet business effectively.

Media and Entertainment

Hire experienced developers from Pixeicrayons who will develop media and entertainment ap-plications that will increase your brand visibility and sales.

Publishing & Advertising

our app development company hag help hun-dreds of pubishing and advertising companies to have there unique mobile apps where they can carry out and streamline business process.


All our app development team 005 5* years of experience and can develop automotive appli-cations that will increase your custom base and provide your business with interactive exposure.

Education and eLearning

Abridge the gap between tutor and students by the eLearning apps developed by our proficient moue app development team which provides user-friendly design and customized feature.

Our Agile Development Process

Our mobile app development company in India follows agile and DevOps process for provide on-time and bug free solutions

to our customers. We keep our prestigious clients In loop in each stage of app development services so that clients get what they want.

Pre Development

At the beginning, our mobile app development team discovers the project goals, conduct requirements elici-tation, in-depth analysis and validation in order to deliv-er complete documentation and prepare a mobile ow development project plan. Prior to the mobile app proj-ect kickoff, our mobile app development team offers technology advise to implement the most suited app development technology-stack and well-thought out system architecture.


With full-Mack Mobile app development expeWw industry-specific knowledge, and architecture compe-tencies, oivoicroyons customizes custom mobile app development solutions f or specific needs of any busi-ness. Our services include full cycle mobile application development testing integration with the existing envi-ronment, deployment in respective app stores and atter sales support


To guarantee stability attar delivery of the mobile appli-oaten, we provide complete mobile app maintenance and support services. It includes three levels of support for mobile applications developed by PixelCroyons, up-grade St overall improvements, performance monitoring & security audit, OS and server migration.

Engagement Models

Being one of the top offshore mobile app development firms in India, we provide flexible engagement

models to meet diverse business needs In effective way.

Dedicated Resource Model

In this model, our mobile app development agency in provides you with dedicated infrastructure and dedicated mobile app develop-ment teams who work exclusively on your application development project.

Choose this model if you want total control of mobile application development processes and don’t want to get into fuss of hiring employees.

Fixed Time & Fixed Price

Under this low-risk model, our offshore mobile app development company in India works with clients to define expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price.

Choose this model if your mobile app development requirements are unlikely to alter and project duration can be determined.

A man with a strategy can defeat a genius with no strategy.

With Webguruz, your Conceived plan will get achieved and succeed

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          Jaswinder Singh


          Jaswinder Singh is the CEO of WebGuruz Technologies Pvt Ltd., a renowned Company offering Web-applications, Mobile applications, and Digital Marketing solutions. He has been at the forefront of any decision that the Company has made.

          For around thirteen years, the Company has focused on bringing some of the best technological ideas with amazing web solutions to the world and its clients. With diverse experience in the IT industry, Jaswinder assists the team in performing processes to accomplish the Company’s business plan, measure the results, and assist with identifying best practices to improve performance.

          Over the course of his career, Jaswinder has achieved significant certifications in the Digital Marketing Industry-including Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, Google Adwords Certification, Woorank Certification. His knowledge and support have made the employees participate in all the areas of technology that has led to raising the Company’s position to the top.

          Gagandeep Singh

          Co-Founder and Investor (UK office)

          Gagandeep Singh is the Co-founder of at Webguruz.He played a crucial role in the company's inception in 2008 and the growth from scratch level. His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision has been crucial in shaping the direction of Webguruz Technologies and establishing it as a prominent player in the industry.

          Gagandeep has been instrumental in securing the first clients and successfully delivering and mentoring high-end projects.

          During the early days of the company, he was involved in every aspect of its development, starting from humble beginnings with a rented cabin that accommodated a team of four. He actively participated in the interview process, handpicking the first resource, and was personally invested in nurturing the team's growth.

          As the company progressed, his dedication and leadership led him to take on the role of an investor and shareholder, further solidifying his commitment to the company's success.

          Vinny Singh


          Vinny Singh an invaluable leader as the Director of at Webguruz.With over 10 years of experience in human resources operations, she has played a pivotal role in shaping Webguruz into the successful company it is today.

          Her expertise encompasses end-to-end recruitment, learning and development, talent acquisition, and various other essential aspects of HR.
          Throughout her tenure, she has contributed greatly to the core company operations by guiding the entire team through the numerous ups and downs and helped it achieve success in all its endeavors.
          Vinny's dedication and passion for her work have made her a respected figure within the organization and the industry at large. Her vision and strategic approach have not only elevated the HR department but also positively influenced the overall growth and direction of Webguruz Technologies.

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