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Webguruz Technologies has clients all over the world, and one thing that has helped us grow to this day is our exceptional SEO strategies that are unparalleled in the market. We bet that what we can offer, the others definitely cannot. We have a name in the market that resonates among the topmost competitors in the field.

Our experts can offer you the most up to date services to ensure your business website gets the maximum search, reach the targeted audience, have exceptionally well-written content, and increases business with sustainable growth.

So, let’s get on the journey quickly and reach the limits never touched before. We work to progress with you where your success is our success.

Webguruz’s treasure chest of Digital Marketing Services

Marketing is of paramount importance to run a business online. The sales grow ten times more with a strategic marketing plan. We provide extensive services to our clients, and by that, we mean everything that comes under the horizon of marketing a business website in a full-fledged way. Our experts can provide you with all solutions under one roof, including website building and its optimization, custom mobile applications, and handling social media to upscale your business and increase your presence online.

Local SEO

Get the most of your business online with our strategic Local SEO techniques. We help reach the targeted audience 10 times faster in a sustainable manner. READ MORE ABOUT Local SEO

Social Media Marketing

When we talk of marketing, social media is the key to reach an audience quickly and globally. Our experts will handle all your social media business accounts to ensure the right publicity and campaigning. READ MORE ABOUT Social Media Marketing

PPC Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising requires expertise without a doubt. To make use of PPC serviced offered by social media and search engine platforms effectively, you will require a team of experienced experts. We make sure that you get the value out of your money spent through PPC advertising. READ MORE ABOUT PPC Advertising

Online Reputation Management

People will know you only if you are visible online, and though much of that part is covered through websites, maintaining a reputation is vital as well to sustain in the business niche. We help build a positive and impactful online business reputation so you can gain trust and credibility among your audience. READ MORE ABOUT Online Reputation Management

SEO Consultation

Confused about search engine optimization? Don’t worry! We are here to solve your queries and get you the best SEO consultation and services that will reap the fruit you have been waiting for all this time. READ MORE ABOUT SEO Consultation

Wait a minute! We have got more jewels in our treasure chest.

Getting business online and creating a reputation requires a digital agency that can help you make your aspirations come true. We understand how important it is for a person who is struggling to make a mark online. Over the years, our experts have just the right strategies for your business to grow in multi-dimensional ways, fetching lucrative results from all its sphere.

We are not the usual digital marketing agency. We work to create and not follow! Using the best of the technology available and keeping ourselves updated with the current trends, we strive to beat the competition and come ahead in the lead. Your progress is our progress, and we never take even the slightest chance that could hinder business growth.

Webguruz Technologies have an excellent team of website developers working with them, and their team keeps growing and becoming better with each day. From numerous workshops to training, their team stays well-versed with what’s around in the world of the internet. From the new languages, framework, website designs, mobile apps, SEO techniques, and more, our team works tirelessly to help clients reach their intended goals.


Case Study

During the course of the campaign, PaperBoat Creative grew by 100% not once, but

thrice leading to an over 400% increase in business since the inception of the campaign.

Our unbeatable SEO Approach

We believe an SEO company should deliver top rankings and lots of traffic. Our Mohali’s SEO experts are comprised of industry leaders that develop affordable custom strate-gies across all digital platforms to help our clients profit more.

Keyword Research

The competition is high, and the success lies in targeting the right keywords and building strategies that will put your web application on the first pages of google. We make thorough keyword research to unfold the various opportunities out there for your business’s success.

Analytics Tracking

A step of paramount significance, analytics tracking helps understand where the strategies are lacking or heading. We take proper care not to lose track and get the intended results within a stipulated time.

Website Audits

We offer website auditing services as well. So, if you have a website but is performing poorly, let us handle it. We will ensure to increase its visibility across search engines in the shortest time possible so that your business does not take any more loss and turn towards making profits quickly.

On-Page Optimisation

Optimizing website pages is always a priority as that has a great potential to fetch traffic. From placing keywords strategically to creating quality graphic and written content for publishing on a website, we can handle it all. We are experts in developing SEO optimized websites.

Content Creation

Plagiarism free, unique, intriguing, and informative content ensures good traffic on a website. Our team of writers has excellence in what they do and never fails to amaze us with their writing skills.

Organic Links

When a website is worthy enough, it is sure to drive traffic on its own. Organic links are something that a user shares of your website without being asked to, as the content is so good that the user gets intimidated to share it on their social media accounts. We have creative minds working in our team that know very well how to produce viral content.

Why choose Webguruz Technologies SEO services?

Simply because we are the best in the market! There is so much that we can offer to our clients with our extensive services with great mind working in our teams. Anyone can build web applications, but it takes experience, patience, and a creative mind to come up with something spectacular, waiting to woo the world.

Webguruz Technologies have been serving in this industry for quite many years. Our experts have handled projects from around the world in every niche possible to date. We can proudly say today without a doubt that no project can come to us for which we cannot provide assistance to our clients. We have all the tools we need, and most importantly, a certified and experienced team that can make your vision come to reality. In short, we are the complete package that a person looking to get web applications would need.

We know well how to connect a route between artificial intelligence and the human mind and create a lucrative business and its powerful presence online.

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            Jaswinder Singh


            Jaswinder Singh is the CEO of WebGuruz Technologies Pvt Ltd., a renowned Company offering Web-applications, Mobile applications, and Digital Marketing solutions. He has been at the forefront of any decision that the Company has made.

            For around thirteen years, the Company has focused on bringing some of the best technological ideas with amazing web solutions to the world and its clients. With diverse experience in the IT industry, Jaswinder assists the team in performing processes to accomplish the Company’s business plan, measure the results, and assist with identifying best practices to improve performance.

            Over the course of his career, Jaswinder has achieved significant certifications in the Digital Marketing Industry-including Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, Google Adwords Certification, Woorank Certification. His knowledge and support have made the employees participate in all the areas of technology that has led to raising the Company’s position to the top.

            Gagandeep Singh

            Co-Founder and Investor (UK office)

            Gagandeep Singh is the Co-founder of at Webguruz.He played a crucial role in the company's inception in 2008 and the growth from scratch level. His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision has been crucial in shaping the direction of Webguruz Technologies and establishing it as a prominent player in the industry.

            Gagandeep has been instrumental in securing the first clients and successfully delivering and mentoring high-end projects.

            During the early days of the company, he was involved in every aspect of its development, starting from humble beginnings with a rented cabin that accommodated a team of four. He actively participated in the interview process, handpicking the first resource, and was personally invested in nurturing the team's growth.

            As the company progressed, his dedication and leadership led him to take on the role of an investor and shareholder, further solidifying his commitment to the company's success.

            Vinny Singh


            Vinny Singh an invaluable leader as the Director of at Webguruz.With over 10 years of experience in human resources operations, she has played a pivotal role in shaping Webguruz into the successful company it is today.

            Her expertise encompasses end-to-end recruitment, learning and development, talent acquisition, and various other essential aspects of HR.
            Throughout her tenure, she has contributed greatly to the core company operations by guiding the entire team through the numerous ups and downs and helped it achieve success in all its endeavors.
            Vinny's dedication and passion for her work have made her a respected figure within the organization and the industry at large. Her vision and strategic approach have not only elevated the HR department but also positively influenced the overall growth and direction of Webguruz Technologies.

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            Provide Us Opportunity To Serve you And Deliver The Best For You