In the pursuit of ranking higher in Search engines and in order to attract relevant/high quality traffic, business owners are trying hard to get their sites noticed. But in middle of such competitive environment where thousands of websites are competing for the same traffic, only those businesses win which have optimized their websites and mobile apps. Organizations have realized the importance of SEO/ASO and are paying huge amounts to Professional SEO Services to get their Sites ahead of the competitors.

Professionals providing Search Engine Optimization Services not only improve the visibility of the sites, but also aim at getting high quality backlinks linked to your site. They help in directing relevant traffic to the business enhancing their commercial activity. In this article, we will discuss what exactly SEO/ASO is and how you can improve them using High Quality Backlinks. Let’s first begin with understanding the difference between these two terms. You might have heard about SEO before, but not many people have heard about ASO. Well ASO stands for App Store Optimization. It is done for improving the Visibility of Apps in the App store. Be it an iPhone, Windows phone, Blackberry or Android App, one can optimize them in their respective App stores ( itunes, Windows store, BlackBerry World, Google play) for attracting customers and generating revenue.
Whereas SEO is Optimization of Websites in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) to get good quantity/quality traffic to the sites with the purpose of generating revenue.

How to improve the SEO and ASO of your App through High Quality Backlinks?
Backlinks are a source of link juice that helps in ranking in search engines. Any webpage linking to your article passes link juice to your website which increases domain authority. Backlinks are an indication of your popularity in the eyes of search engines and how much you are preferred by visitors over other websites. Backlinks also help in boosting Website ranking(SEO) and App ranking (ASO).

Following are the ways to improve the SEO and ASO through High Quality Backlinks:

1. Public Relations
You don’t need to hire a publicist since journalists are always in need of newsworthy material from experts and thus they are open to accepting relevant proposals from businesses/experts. You can create an interesting proposal mentioning what your application has to offer and contact a journalist. If the journalists like what you have to say they will mention you as a source in their article and thus you will be able to get in front of millions of news readers in no time. Hence you can do your own publicity and get backlinks from high authority news sites which will help you in link building for SEO/ASO purpose. HARO is such a service which allows to to choose your area of expertise and connect with journalists.

2. Press Release
Posting on media is a great way of getting quality backlinks. Publishing quality content on high authority media sites can help you get a lot of backlinks. When a media source having a high authority provides your app/website link on their site people will automatically trust you which will boost traffic to your business.


These sites can help people discover your App/Website in following ways:

– Interviewing you on current topics
– Adding Link to your site in an article
– Providing your link in Product reviews
– Mentioning about your company in their Blog
– Asking you for Guest posting on their Website

3. Social Sharing
Mention the links of your App/website in posts shared on the social media profiles. Create business profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Slideshare, Google+, Pinterest and start sharing your Links to improve ASO/SEO of your app/website. Moreover sharing of posts can also multiply the reach of your App/Website. Social shares can help in increasing the incoming links which improves the domain authority and page authority of the sites as well. Backlinks even from such no-follow sites has a huge impact on getting your business gets noticed online.

4. Sponsoring Industry Events
Receive backlinks from Mass media by sponsoring a relevant event in your industry. Sponsoring an event gets you a lot of media attention and backlinks. Media covers such events and gets your business noticed by the public by publishing about the event on their news sites. This helps in growing backlinks which directly improves the SEO and ASO of your website/App.

5. Guest posting
Guest posting is contributing articles on other websites and in return, they link to your site. High quality guest posts are an effective link building tool. It helps you get the attention of other website readers which will increase awareness about your brand/App and at the same time the backlink from the host website help your ranking in search engine.

6. Use Competitors Backlinks
One easy way to get backlinks for improving your SEO/ASO is to monitor your competitor’s backlinks. Contact them and ask them that you are creating awesome content and will they like to link to your site/app in return link to their site as well. This is an easy way to get backlinks as other sites also want backlinks as much as you do. Ahrefs tool can be used to find backlink target from your competitor’s websites. Just post the domian on Ahrefs and get the list of sites linking to your competition.

In a nutshell, Websites with High quality backlinks High quality backlinks are preferred by search engines for queries by users. Fast indexing, attracting referral traffic and improving organic ranking are just a few benefits of backlinks. Earning backlinks is a time consuming process. Fixing broken links, writing awesome content submitting articles to high authority sites can get you quality backlinks but you can’t take care of it all on your own unless you have free time at hand. In such case, you can invest in Professional SEO services to give your website traffic a boost. Search engine optimization services has become the need of the hour for online business as they provide Expert SEO services & packages that cater to need of your business and help your website/application the attention it needs.