If you are a Digital marketer, you will definitely be utilizing Search Engine Optimization.
Let us seek to analyze, “What is the objective of a marketer through Search Engine Optimization?”
The obvious answer is to rank No.1 in SERP(Search Engine Results Page)
Achieving this target involves detailed logical planning giving due considerations to various factors that affect it. One of the critical factors is Domain Authority(DA).

 What is Domain Authority?

In simple terms Domain Authority can be defined as how well a website ranks on SERP. It depends on these factors:
1. Age of the website
2. It’s popularity

It is measured in terms of a scoring system developed by Moz. Moz has formulated a scoring range of 1-100 for websites. A website with higher scores indicates a better ability to rank.

However, Domain Authority should not be confused with Google Page Rank. Earlier, Google ranked pages on a scale of 0-10 based on link number and quality. However, these rankings by Google can no longer be accessed by users. Domain Authority is not a replacement for Google Page Rank but on the contrary, it indicates how strong a page’s links are in terms of helping it rank on Google.com.

If you have a low score and are thinking of changing your DA, it can be quite an uphill task. This is because a few minor changes in DA will not affect your score drastically. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the scoring is based on a complex combination of onsite and offsite factors.

What are the factors on the basis of which Moz determines your DA score?

1. Linking Root Domain: It can be defined as the number of unique backlinks earned by the site.

2. MozRank: It can be defined as the metric used for scoring the website’s external links. While determining this score more importance is given to the quality of the links than the quantity.

3. MozTrust:
It is a metric that measures how closely your website is related to trusted websites.

4. The quality of the Content: It is one of the vital factors in determining the DA score of your website.

5. Social Indicators: Performance of the content on social media is a good determinant of the score of DA. Content that is liked, shared and commented on indicates that it is quality content.

6. Search Engine Structure: The site should be user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate.

Now let us see how to enhance your domain authority. The following tips will help you in this direction.

1. Improve your technical SEO

It is vital to have your SEO in place before you proceed on any other aspect of improving your DA.
Various aspects of technical SEO are Site structure (Site should be clean, easy to navigate and user-friendly), keywords, meta tags, etc. This enables search engines to easily crawl and index your site which improves your ranking.


2. Publish linkable content of high quality

We have all heard the phrase Content is King. The importance of quality content cannot be stressed enough. Your content should be unique and easy to comprehend. You can use relevant images, infographics, videos, etc in order to make your content attractive and engaging. Good content can be created through extensive research on the topic. You should aim at providing your audience new, detailed and unique content. Content that you post is a direct way establish a connection with your audience. It helps in the promotion, link building and establishing your brand. Hence, quality content goes a long way in improving your DA.

3. On-Page SEO

Various aspects of On-Page SEO which help in optimization are:

Keyword density: It is preferable to maintain a moderate keyword density and avoid stuffing.

Use heading Tags

Permalink Structure: It should be such that it is SEO friendly and contains focus keyword.

Meta description: It should include the focus keyword.

The keyword should feature in the title as far as possible.

SEO status should be optimized using relevant images.

4. Internal Linking is of vital importance

Internal linking entails establishing a network within your site. It serves the purpose of enhancing the user experience by guiding the user through the website. It helps in strengthening the website by establishing a useful interconnection. One way of internal linking is by suggesting related blog posts to users. Therefore, for establishing powerful internal links, it is beneficial to increase the quantity of content posted. Internal linking also benefits search engines that crawl and index your site.

5. Regularly eliminate bad or toxic links

Toxic backlinks are those links that adversely affect the website’s ranking in search engines. Over a period of time, all websites tend to develop spammy links. It is essential to remove these links. In order to achieve this, it is beneficial to establish a regular pattern to carefully remove spammy links, links posted throughout your website which lead to bad sites, broken links, etc.

Although, this is a tedious process, but it has huge benefits. If you regularly get rid of toxic backlinks, it results in a positive impact on your DA score.

6. Use social media for effective promotion

We are all aware of the impact of social media in current times. Social signals are one of the determinants for ranking of your website. Hence, it is beneficial to utilize social media for promotion. You can post your content on social media pages. You can encourage your audience to like, comment on and share your content. In fact, some marketers include social share buttons directly on web pages.

7. Utilize off-page site optimization techniques

Some popular off-page site optimization methods that improve your SERP ranking are guest blogging, blog commenting and integrating social bookmarking. These enable you in establishing an authority on your niche and improving backlinks, etc.

8. Optimize your website for mobiles

Since the current trend is that people seek everything on their mobile devices, you should aim to make your website mobile friendly. Your website should be able to load quickly on all 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi devices. This will enable your audience to access your web page from anywhere at anytime.

Domain Authority score can be checked by installing the official toolbar from Moz or using an online tool by Moz, “Open Site Explorer”.


Domain Authority is an important score which reveals your website’s performance. It helps you compare your performance with respect your competitors’ performance. It is an accurate indicator of your SEO efforts as well. You can use the tips mentioned above to improve your Domain Authority. However, enhancing your DA score is a time taking process. You need to put in your efforts and wait for the results patiently.

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