What are the trends in content marketing in 2018?

Conent demands a broader strategy: Gone are the times when you just flooded your audience with content. Now you need to plan a broader strategy to include a diverse set of skills and talents. Content is no longer limited just writing. A content writing team of 2018 will have to include graphic designers, people with the knowledge of audio and video editing and production; team members with an idea of metrics and analytics; people for developing strategy and for content distribution and promotion.

Growing Awareness towards dishonest content: The audience is looking for transparency. They are no longer carried away by content that talks about “cause marketing” with an undercurrent of promotional content. The millennials can easily look through this content. It is time to market more authentic content that strikes a chord with the audience.

Content is the key ingredient for Digital Marketing: All aspects of Digital Marketing require quality content in order to be effective. Whether it is Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, White papers such as E-books, Podcasts, infographics or any other, all are dependent on content. In 2018 as Digital Marketing surges ahead, quality content will only become the key. It is the sole factor responsible for nurturing customer relationships. Content is the best way to build trust.

Visuals are preferred: We have all heard that ”A picture speaks a thousand words” And, there is no better example of this than the popularity of content with visuals. Whether static or moving, the audience loves content that uses visuals. People no longer have the patience to browse through lengthy content which lacks images.

The most popular types of visuals used are:

  1. Visuals such as infographics
  2. Videos
  3. Live Video
  4. Podcasting

Stress on Effective Distribution: 
Just creation of quality content is not sufficient how you distribute it is equally, if not more important! There are numerous ways of presenting your content to your audience. It is recommended that you research and find out which channels of distribution are most effective with your audience.

New Technologies: As technology advances, content marketing will undergo more changes.

Some of the new technologies that are already leaving their footprint in the field of content marketing are:

IoT: The customers are no longer restricted to their screens for content. The IoT has made its presence felt all around us and made content interactive. Two of the popular examples are Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa allows the flexibility to share content to a much wider audience that does not need to use the screen.

VR: VR has introduced the concept of interactive content. While the content is visual, it has the flexibility for the customer to interact directly with the media.
Content Marketers need to adopt these changes so as to have a competitive edge.

Bottomline: We all know that “Content is the King”. For every aspect of digital marketing such as Email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, etc. quality content is the basis. The needs of the audience may change from time to time the only factor that remains consistent is “Quality of the Content.”
While creating content it is essential to bear in mind the current trends and the technologies that can be leveraged. Professional Content Marketing Services Providers can create quality content and market it effectively for your business that will help increase its outreach and get more traffic.