Dropshipping has emerged as one of the most lucrative e-commerce business models. As per grandviewresearch.com, the global dropshipping market is anticipated to grow to $1253.79B by 2030. This is an impressive CAGR of 23.4% and can be accounted for by increased online purchases since 2020.

Due to the growth of mobile commerce and rising smartphone adoption, there has been a global shift toward e-commerce and dropshipping services. Moreover, factors like low entry barriers, inexpensive start-up costs, and a sizable market, have led to dropshipping market proliferation. 

This growth has also led to merchants investing less in logistics and maintaining little to no inventory. In addition, lower overhead expenses and a diverse product portfolio are elements that will continue to boost the dropshipping market expansion. However, just because the market is expanding, doesn’t mean everyone can have their luck. This article will walk you through the Shopify Dropshipping process from scratch and the steps you can take to practice it efficiently.

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