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Web design trends that will take over in 2018:

1. Use of bold fonts
The attention span of internet surfers has decreased considerably from years of online browsing consistently. To grab their attention designers will have to use big and bold fonts to draw visitor’s focus on certain part of the landing page. Typography is a powerful visual tool which is able to deliver important information. Designers will soon be taking advantage of featuring headlines with bold and captive fonts to get rid of visitors’ tendency of scanning and skimming the content. To enhance the aesthetic effect of the websites Typography is going to be used by designers to win the game of catching visitor’s eye.

2. Asymmetrical layouts
Earlier brands used to focus on traditional grid-based layouts, but with the rise in competition, businesses are requesting web developers to use asymmetrical designs which will set them apart. This way brands will be able to create a unique experience for their customers. This year attempts will be made to be more creative with the layout of the site. The website will surely stand out by ditching the normal approach and using asymmetrical layouts to push limits of traditional designs.

3. Particle backgrounds
Use of particle backgrounds will increase to enhance visuals of a webpage without compromising the loading speed of the site. It is a great alternative for heavily animated graphic elements that make a website slow and difficult to load. Particle backgrounds can create breathtaking after effects and animated backgrounds using a lightweight javascript.

4. Vibrant color schemes
Web developers will soon be experimenting with colors rather than sticking with web safe colors for a change. Combination of 3D designs, animated headers, and rich colors will lead to the development of eye-popping landing pages which will help to shift traffic to websites following this contemporary approach, rather than the conventional one. Developers are predicting use of bold color schemes will rule in the year 2018.

5. 3D Graphics will take over Flat design trend
People expect more from websites, apart from just being interactive and informative. Viewers want websites which are fun to navigate and enhance their on- page experience which can be achieved using various 3D graphics on websites. Previous typical and boring web pages will be replaced by pages including impressive 3D graphics elements capable of engaging visitors and increasing their time on site by capturing their interest. Gradients and shadows have an ability to create a 3D effect on a website. Integration of such 3D effects will increase in 2018 giving the website an edge over flat designs.


6. Graphical representation of Information
Graphical representation of information which includes animated charts and graphs will replace the pictorial form. Developers have understood the need for information which is easy to comprehend. Turning information into an experience is an easy way to capture visitors’ attention so that they keep coming back for more.

7. Incorporating Animated headers
For crafting a great web experience and adding a wow factor to the previous dull designs web designers will be implementing animated headers on their websites. Using CSS 3D one can transform elements on a web page using 3D transformation which is capable of creating a great visually appealing header. Also Real-time 3D graphics can be added to the web pages to create advanced website designs using Web Graphics Library also known as WebGL.

8. Shifting focus to enhancing website design on mobile devices
Recent studies have shown most of the people who landed on a mobile website have a higher tendency of clicking on the service than on a desktop website. Which has resulted in shift of focus from developing new revolutionary designs for desktops, to increasing mobile responsiveness of a website. So as to increase the number of conversions through smartphones and mobile devices. Designers will now be resolving the challenge of how to fit all the menu buttons on a small screen.

9. Use of illustrations
Illustrations are fun to watch and easy to understand, this is the reason designers will have to include more of them on web pages in future. A business can also convey a message about their brand identity using illustrations. Presenting information to enhance user experience was never this easy. Proficient artists can set a tone for illustrations specially designed to convey your identity as a brand. To showcase the brand in a playful way custom drawings will be heavily used in the foreseeable future.

10. Increase in use of animations
Static images are perceived as an outdated trend. Use of animated content will be on the rise in coming few years. Animations are a great way of communicating the context. Pictorial representation is only able to deliver half of the message you intend to communicate to the visitor. Whereas animated content can fill in the gaps by illustrating the central idea you want to convey to your customer.

Animations have an ability to convey complex ideas in the simplest way in a short time interval. Which is why web designers will be incorporating these in coming years. 2018 will see a rise in animated logos and animated GIFs that visually represent the company’s core values and services clearly in an engaging way. The development of simple designing tools for creating animations has further made it clear animations are going to show an upward trend in recent future.

11. Storytelling
Storytelling is the best way to engage and inform a visitor. Only facts and figures make the content unimaginative and dull. Designers are thinking of ways how to utilize the graphical elements on the web page to form a storytelling experience so that the visitors can get entertained and informed at the same time. 2018 will be witnessing data storytelling as a means of communicating the information on a website.

The Technological shifts in web designing are inevitable and will continue to emerge in future also. The best way through this challenge is to adopt these changes and incorporating them into your websites to keep up with the competition. A Custom Website Design Company can help you assess the upcoming trends. And hence can create a visually appealing website for your business. No matter how simple the web development tools are, but when it comes to creating Web Design for a brand, hiring a proficient Web Design Development Company will definitely simplify the task.