In today’s digital era, keeping abreast of every technological update is the need of the hour. The time has changed & so the techniques and tools the IT world is practicing. When we think about technology then there come a lot many things in our mind & Google is one of those. The term Google is not just limited to help you find anything anywhere. It’s a vast concept that one must have knowledge of, if related to the IT sector.

If you are a Search master, website owner, web marketer or an SEO professional, then you might have heard about Google Search Console. Having a website is not enough.  To make any website run efficiently, there’s always a need to improve its performance on Google Search Engines. And, there comes a Google Search Console into play.


Earlier known as Google Webmaster Central, this advanced technology is widely used by developers to identify undetected indexing issues. From more detailed search performance to index coverage data, Google has redefined the way how Google reports on your data.

Take a look at some of the latest Google updates, we’ve covered:

Security Issues Section

Security is always a matter of concern. To make your experience more secure, Google has added a section named “Security & Manual Actions”. The idea behind this update was to prevent websites from any kind of security threats.

Performance Report Count Metrics

Google rolls out with an Updated Google Search Console where canonical URL will be used for reporting rather than the actual URL.  This will not only enhance the AMP but also unity your data.

Well, this is not an end. It’s just a start of 2019 & there’s a lot more surprises & updates to come. We will keep you updated on the changes & innovations in Google Search Console in the future.