Online selling is a challenge, considering the difficult work it requires for obtaining customers and generating revenue. Furthermore, there are not by any means the only things that you need to bear as a primary concern while picking an e-commerce stage. The most widely recognized yet critical problems that need to be addressed include customer engagement and retention, conversion improvement, omnichannel integration, SEO, versatility, and long-haul development. With tens of e-commerce stages to choose from, discovering one that is the perfect answer for match your business model and objectives requires a serious idea. Those who have already invested in Shopify development will likely realize how astonishing this stage is. It is easy to set up and use and offers security and versatility alongside a range of customization features. 

Moreover, the way that Shopify has a huge number of stores running on it speaks enough about this stage. More incredibly, this number is developing at a thriving pace. Beyond the incredible range of features and great prevalence, something more that makes Shopify stand separated is the way that it continually focuses on getting better. The release of Shopify Plus a few years prior was a significant move in this direction as the stage went the extra mile beyond the conventional benefits of Shopify for e-commerce development. Since the new decade is here, you can take a new perspective towards embracing advancement for your business.

Here are some valid justifications why you ought to choose Shopify Plus for e-commerce development in 2020 and beyond.

Reason #1: Extended customization

With Shopify, you already have a wide cluster of attractive themes that are ready to use out-of-the-case. Furthermore, there are plenty of customization choices that empower you to make any theme your own. The Plus version takes these customization abilities a step further for brands that need enhanced usefulness and esthetics with Shopify design and development. It offers completely responsive themes that assure seamless mobile experiences. Further, it brings a new feature called “Sections”, a simple simplified editor that renders ease into the customization of the look and feel of your e-commerce store. Changing to Shopify Plus, therefore, seems like the smartest thing to do at the present time.

Reason #2: Greater usefulness

Despite the accessibility of greater usefulness with customization features of Shopify Plus, the stage actually remains incredibly easy to use. This is the prime reason why online businesses have consistently loved Shopify. The new version offers everything that you need to manage your store, which clearly eliminates the barriers to processing the orders and keeping your store ready for action easily. The imperative features, like items, orders, customer records, applications, reports, and then some, are accessible on the dashboard. So you can easily add items, handle orders, and manage settings, all with only a couple of clicks.

Reason #3: Amazing adaptability

Shopify Plus stage is tailored specifically to the needs of larger enterprise and developing e-commerce brands, which is the reason why unlimited versatility has been prioritized. It is a completely hosted SaaS stage, with powerful servers that are capable of taking care of millions of hits per second alongside a large number of orders per minute. You can be assured with the guarantee of 99.99% uptime and lightning-quick performance of your web store. Also, you will get unlimited data transmission notwithstanding a storage limit of up to 200 TB. In the event that you intend to scale up at a fast pace, this is a stage you can trust.

Reason #4: Myriad integrations

Shopify Plus is revered for its capacity to integrate easily with other stages. Also, it has an extensive application marketplace where you can track down a large number of Shopify Plus applications that you can use to enrich the shopping experiences delivered by your store. There are applications that serve in diverse aspects of operating your business, from customer service to marketing and advancements, inventory control, and that’s just the beginning. So you can open up a universe of opportunities by deciding to develop with this new version.

Reason #5: Custom checkout page

With Shopify, you get the benefit of customization of the shopping experience yet you can’t do much about the real checkout in this context. While the stage does offer a variety of visual customizations in the checkout process, customization of usefulness isn’t possible with the standard Shopify accounts. Shopify Plus resolves this problem as it permits the customization of the standard two-page checkout so merchants can explore varieties like a single page checkout, 3-page checkout, or more. You can invest in a completely branded checkout experience for your store and even leverage A/B testing for augmenting conversions.

Reason #6: Mobile Store Builder

As mobile becomes the prime selling channel, creating a mobile-first e-commerce experience for your store does not remain a choice. Conventionally, you should hire a Shopify expert to ensure mobile responsiveness, alongside great speed and excellent user experience regardless of the device used to access the store. With Shopify Plus, however, you get the Mobile Store Builder that facilitates the creation of native iOS and Android applications even without technical knowledge or coding experience.


Since you thoroughly understand the astounding benefits that Shopify Plus serves, you can consider it as a choice for creating your beginning for scratch or relocating an existing one to this version. Whether you compare Shopify Plus with Magento or some other development stage, this one definitely deserves a closer look. The features will definitely give your business a head start with a store that is future-ready and delivers excellent shopping experiences. The best method to get started is by teaming up with Shopify Plus Partners that know the stage and can leverage its features to your advantage.