There have been predictions that Email marketing may have a bleak future. But, statistics have shown that email marketing is one of the most powerful inbound marketing tools for reaching and nurturing customers.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective means of creating a deep relationship with a wide audience. It provides businesses more opportunities and enhances the Return on Investment.

It helps in creating brand awareness
Sending regular emails about your brand and product creates awareness in the minds of the audience. When they need something which you are able to provide, your brand will be the one that surfaces in their minds. This helps in conversion of leads into clients.

It is easy to share
Emails can be forwarded easily by the click of a button. Therefore, subscribers can share your deals/ offers, etc with their friends with ease. This way your products are promoted to strangers as well.

It can be quantified
Email marketing can be measured in terms of various metrics such as:
Delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates, and subscriber retention rates. These help in providing an insight into the customer behavior. This helps in developing an effective the marketing strategy.

It is cost effective
It is one of the most economical marketing techniques.

Process Of Email MarketingSelection of email provider
You should select an email provider who vibes well with you. This helps in developing synergy which is beneficial in the long run.

Organize your database
If you have had a website for some time, you will have accumulated a database of contacts. You can utilize this data. You can delete the outdated information and update fresh data.

Motivate people to opt-in for getting emails
Some methods to get people to opt in are

  • Engaging your users by placing simple email filling forms on relevant pages of the website.
  • Inserting opt in field in inquiry form.
  • Addition of an opt in link to order confirmations and customer surveys.

Organize your contacts

Contacts can be segregated into separate lists based on their location, industry or leads.

Define the aim of your campaign
Determining the intent of your campaign helps you plan your strategy better.

Keep the design of your email simple
Design your email so that the there is more text than images. There should be at least one Call to Action graphic.

Ensure great content for the email
Content plays a crucial role in effectiveness of the email. Therefore, if you do not have quality writers, you could employ or outsource writing.


Track the effectiveness of your campaign
Tracking provides a feedback regarding the effectiveness of the campaign. It helps in refining the quality of email. Some of the metrics used for tracking are:

  • Deliverability (frequency at which the audience receive messages)
  • Open rate (frequency at which the audience view messages)
  • Click through rate (frequency at which audience click on the links)
  • Conversion rate (frequency at which contacts convert to customers)

Refine based on feedback

After the above are tracked, the marketing strategy can be modified to enhance the results. It can be done using variations in subject lines, style, tone, font sizes, colouring, formatting, etc.Email marketing is effective only if it is done in a precise manner. Otherwise, it could result in annoying its recipients.Effective Email MarketingSegment your recipients
The content that you may want to share could be special offers, events or news about the business. However, all the recipients will not be interested in all three. Hence, you will need to segregate the messages according to the recipients. Sending relevant emails to subscribers and customers encourages higher open and click-through rates. It also reduces customers unsubscribing.

Create a strategy for acquisition
After segmenting the audience, you should analyze where your customers are engaging with your brand. After this, you could focus on enhancing those experiences and drive interactive engagement.

Email should be optimized for mobile
In this modern age, where people look to find everything on their mobile, it becomes necessary to design emails that are mobile friendly. Most customers delete emails that cannot be opened on their mobiles. Therefore, the content should be eye-catching and engaging on a mobile phone.

Want Email Marketing on Your Website

Emails should be text based rather than image based

Despite the fact that images look attractive, text-based emails with links to content or product work better. One reason for this is that email clients like Outlook block images automatically. This results in the viewer seeing broken image. Hence, the impact of short descriptive content with links to the site is better. The links can be tagged in order to get an idea of what people are clicking.

It is better to send emails from a real person
The recipient of an email will be inclined to open and read it if it is from a real person. Therefore, instead of sending, emails from ‘no reply’, it is better to send emails with a sender’s name. This way the recipient will have more confidence in the mail. A member of the marketing team or customer care team can be assigned this job. An Email sent with the CEO as its sender is given greater credibility.

Subject of the Email should be to the point
The subject matter of the email should be to the point and persuasive. The recipient should be motivated to open the mail. Mail should be such that on opening, it should retain his interest.

If the email contains special offers, it is more likely to be opened. The content of the email should be precise and appealing.

Emails should be personalized
A personalized email generates enough interest for it to be opened and for interaction with the content of the mail. It is beneficial to add first names to subject lines. Adding advanced data in the body of the email initiates a Call to Action. It is a good idea to determine the area of interest of the recipient and design the mail accordingly. People are no longer interested in emails with common messages sent on a mass scale. Customized mail is the demand of the day.

The Email should have a clearly defined CTA
On receiving the email, if the recipient is not aware of the next step he should take, then he will delete it. Hence, the email should be designed so as to indicate the next step to be taken by the receiver.

Email should provide a slow reveal so that audiences return to the site.
The email can generate curiosity in the minds of the audience so that they are compelled to click the email. This directs them to the site. For instance, an email can provide a sneak preview for a promotional offer. This will urge them to visit the site.

Email design should encourage feedback from its audience
Emails that invite feedback from the audience are received well. If presented in an eye-catching manner, they are sure to motivate the audience to click. If you ask for feedback, it gives an impression to the audience that you are customer-centric. This encourages loyalty.

Utilize the Email effectively for winning customer loyalty
Email marketing is a powerful tool for nurturing customer loyalty. Customer loyalty can be encouraged by engaging the audience. This can be achieved by having regular interaction through feedback, etc; responding to emails from the audience; providing information about the product or service being provided by the business, etc.

An automated post-purchase message should be sent
You can determine the frequency at which a buyer purchases from your site. Then personalized messages asking them to buy or informing them about new products and offers can be sent accordingly.

Therefore, we see that the impact of email marketing on the success of a business cannot be undermined. It is the most economical means of reaching out to targeted audience. It helps an enterprise market its products and services to it contacts with a human touch by taking into account their interests and pain areas. Successful email marketing helps in increasing the confidence level of the audience which leads to conversion.

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