A Blog or Weblog is an informative content written on various websites. It is a great way of displaying contents to a mass audience through the internet. Blogging is interesting and offers a platform for the writers to show their passion.

Best Techniques for being Blog Savvy

1. Update your Blog Regularly
Regularly update your blog with fresh content which is unique and informative. It will increase traffic to your website.

2. Quality content
High-quality content is crucial in retaining your existing audience. Posting high-quality content will attract more visitors.

3. Connect with your audience
Make a good connection with your audience. This will not only let the people show interest in your blog but also make your reputation good.

4. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes
Always proofread your articles again and again in order to avoid any mistake. A single mistake can have a negative impression on your audience.

5. Engage your audience
It is always good to engage your audience in your content to make it more conversational. Always try to reply the comments of your audience on time. In this way, your audience will know that you appreciate them and value their opinions.

6. Quality Products
Selling top-quality products and services will make people visit your blog and trust your words. Also, word of mouth will spread about your blog if you are selling a high-quality product that is solving a specific problem that other products have not been able to resolve.

7. Buy Traffic
Buying traffic will help you in getting visitors to your website. There are many websites that specialize in selling traffic.

Here are various reasons why you should create your website on WordPress:

1. Cost Effective- it’s free
The great benefit that WordPress offers is that it is freely available and customizable. It is an open source platform which is available for anyone and everyone for free. It would be expensive to have a custom CMS developed for the same thing that WordPress could do for free.

2. Flexible
Being an open source platform, WordPress is available for general public. This means anyone can modify the code if necessary and customize it according to the need. It is so flexible and easy to customize and hence is not limited to use by specific employees or developers to produce customizations.

3. SEO Friendly
It provides an SEO friendly interface. Editing title tags, meta descriptions, adding fresh relevant content to your website and internal linking your web pages, everything is easy with WordPress.

4. Supported Worldwide
WordPress is supported by developers and users around the globe. It is updated regularly with new functions, bug fixes, and security fixes to help thousands of people who frequently use WordPress.

5. Convenient to use
You do not need to be genius for using WordPress as anyone can easily update the content using this CMS.

6. Good CMS (Content Management System)
WordPress is highly used by web designers, web developers, and novices. It is an easy to use content management system with a user-friendly interface which is the main reason for its popularity worldwide.

7. Scope for learners
WordPress offers a great scope for learning. There are a plethora of forums and communities to help users if they find any difficulty.

8. A good way to make money
WordPress offers a good way to make money out of your blogging. It is one the best blogging platforms for e-commerce.


Importance of Blogging

1. Usage of free time
If somebody is free and also has a passion for writing, then there is no other way to utilize time effectively except writing the blogs. Instead of sitting idle for most of the time, it is better to create a blog and start blogging.

2. Interesting
Blogging is writing both for you and your audience. As you write more and more, you will be able to enhance your skills.

3. Increases your Creativity
Writing blogs offers a great way to share your thoughts, opinions, and views with the audience. This will increase your creativity of writing and makes you more confident. When you keep on blogging, you will become a creative writer.

4. Attract and inspire others
Sometimes your writings become a motivation for others despite the fact that they might never have met you. It is the power of the word that can magically change the life of others.

5. Get Recognition
On sharing the informative information among people, you will be recognized as an expert in your field. With effective writings and good response from the audience, you will get recognition in the world.

6. Make money online
By writing for various websites, you can earn a good amount of money by just sitting at your home. You need not step out of your home as your purpose will be served by the internet.

7. Make good relationships with the customers
A well-written blog is very crucial for marketing. It can target customers by communicating the information about various products and services.

8. WordPress-The Best Blogging Platform
WordPress.com is an open source website builder for the people who are looking for free blogging sites. WordPress is very famous platform among web designers, web developers, and various users.

Major challenges
The major challenges the bloggers face usually is inadequate and irrelevant traffic. Without relevant traffic, your content will never flourish.

Here are some reasons for not getting the required traffic:

1. If the topic on which you are writing is not interesting.
2. In case of promotional content, the product you are selling is not at all worth using.
3. You have not optimized your blog for the search engines.
4. You have not used the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to optimize your blog.
5. You are not following the visitors to your website to stay in touch with them so as to convert those leads into customers.
6. Your blog is new and it needs exposure.
7. If your content is lacking somewhere in attracting people and search engines to rank your blog.
8. The content you have published on your blog is not of high quality. Publishing low-quality content on your blog could be the reason why it lacks targeted traffic.
9. You have not captured people’s attention. Your blog does not have content that is interesting for people to read.
10. Lack of headlines makes the content boring to read.
11. Lack of videos or correct images.
12. Your blog may contain spelling and grammar mistakes. Many people leave the article in between if it contains the spelling or grammar errors.

Future Trends in WordPress 2018
WordPress is used worldwide and has become the top leader in offering the website development services for the clients. The majority of the sites either low or high budget businesses are powered by the WordPress.

Here are some future trends that will dominate in 2018:

1. Enhanced Security features
As with the increasing frauds, people tend to increase their site’s protection. This brings the demand for advanced level security features. WordPress has to keep updating the security features to limit the number of online frauds.

2. More Animated Content
Animations are in demand and will continue to rise in future as well. Using them can bring life to formerly rigid pages.

3. Vibrant color schemes
Now the users do not need to stick to the web-safe colors as you can use myriads of colors on your website. In 2018, it is expected to come with saturated colors and contrasts.

4. Mobile Responsiveness
To better fit all the contents on a smaller screen of the mobile, the responsive design becomes a de-facto standard, which will increase in the coming years. With the advancement in technology, there comes a time when all the needs are to be fulfilled with mobile.

5. A rise in micro-interactions
Micro-interactions are the subtle effects for accomplishing tasks on websites. It gives users the ability to interact with content in different ways. It is one of the upcoming trends in 2018.

6. Video Headers
Video headers are gaining popularity since videos make the content more appealing to the viewer and evoke strong emotions. We will see an upward trend in incorporating videos in content.

Being a blogger isn’t an easy task but it becomes interesting if you have a zeal for creative writing and constant learning along with keeping yourself updated with new features that come along with WordPress. Giving quality content consistently is utterly important if you want to become a successful blogger. Other than that you have to engage your audience and provide them the information they can trust. This way you can build a good long-term relationship with your audience. Moreover, future trends of WordPress is indicating exciting new features are about to come which will allow the bloggers to explore more content optimization options.