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Webguruz Technologies is the respected Web application development and Solutions Company which focuses on quality work and satisfaction of the clients. We use the best and updated technologies to give the most excellent services to our customers. The cost effective services at Webguruz is the key to its never ending growth.

Our technical excellence, creative & innovative ideas and flexibility help us to achieve the absolute customer satisfaction. We value our customers and their precious time, so we make sure to deliver the project in time with quality. We validate our aphorism “What we say, we deliver”.

  • start
  • 2016
  • Completed 9 Years

    The Company has accomplished 50000 hours in upwork by completing 500 jobs and rated as TOP RATED company. The office premises shifted to Mohali. The main focus this year was on completing inhouse projects. One major project was TUH. Webguruz Technologies also diversified into mobile design solutions, html5, mobile App solutions and Hubspot.
  • year 2014
  • Government Projects.

    The highlights of this year were that the company was granted Government projects. They successfully completed projects for Punjab, Haryana and Union Government. This year also saw setting up of a branch office in Gurgaon.
  • year 2013
  • Completed 5 Years

    Webguruz Technologies completed 5 years of successful functioning. Management was restructured during this year. The Company reached 25000 hours on upwork.
  • year 2012
  • Expansion

    The Company moved to a larger office space to make room for expansion. The new premises had a work space of 2500 square feet. The Company reached 10,000 hours on upwork in a short span of one year.
  • year 2011
  • Upwork

    This year saw the initiation of projects on We started with digital marketing project but we ventured in providing web application solution also.
  • year 2010
  • Open Source Technologies

    The Company ventured into open source technologies. This year was an important year for the growth of E-Commerce worldwide. Webguruz also made a foray into E-Commerce solutions.
  • year 2009
  • Office In U.K.

    During this year, the company registered as Webguruz Private Limited Company with ROC (Registrar Of Companies. Another milestone achieved was that the Company opened an office in the U.K.
  • year 2008
  • Foundation

    The foundation was laid for Webguruz Technologies. Webguruz started its operations in Chandigarh. The Company started out as a Digital Marketing organization. They commenced operations with Windows based technologies.

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